Zeke's Wish

Zeke, 8, diagnosed with leukemia, wished to dig for buried treasure. Zeke’s wish was definitely as unique and creative as he is!

Zeke and his family flew to the island of Oahu in Hawaii. His wish touched many people; close to 50 volunteers assisted and participated in his wish. He was given an eye patch and a scroll that announced the adventure he would soon embark on.

Zeke canoed across Kaneohe Bay with members of a kids’ canoe club to Coconut Island to dig for buried treasure. But on his journey he was surprised by plundering pirates (a second, adult canoe club) who sought the treasure for themselves! Zeke drew his water gun and defeated the band of pirates before reaching the shore to steal the treasure back. He was successful and unlocked his treasure box to find it full of keepsakes including all of the medals and pins from one of the retired helicopter pilots from the island’s Marine Corps Base who coaches the kids' canoe club. Zeke and his family were touched by the gift and immensely enjoyed the rest of their week on the island.

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