William's wish is a break at a trying time

When William was 8 years old, he wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort. Before he even arrived at the airport, his wish was underway: “Outside my door the morning we were to leave was the biggest stretch limo I’ve ever seen!” After that, his wish trip unfolded just as he had imagined. “I did not know what to do first, there was so much to do! I was so excited for the first few days I could not eat or slow down. It was unbelievable!”

Now 20 years old, William has still not slowed down. He continues living with a genetic disorder—he and his family are working on a confirmed diagnosis—and he recently graduated high school and is considering post-secondary schooling. For six seasons he’s played sledge hockey for the Edmonton Storm; hockey is his passion, both on and off the ice! William travels often to tournaments; his team took gold in the NHL Sledge Hockey Tournament in Minneapolis last year.

William and his family still look back fondly on that trip to Disney World. “I will never forget it,” says William. “It was a dream come true for my family and me. I never wanted to come home!”

Williams mother agrees. “It was an amazing trip at a time that was so trying for our family. We felt special and to spend a week away from doctors and hospitals at that time was priceless.”  

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