Ufuoma's Wish

While on her wish trip to Dubai, Ufuoma couldn’t believe her eyes. “It was like being in the future!” she said. “Everything tastes better there!” Living with a blood disorder, Ufuoma has been hospitalized many times and has undergone a bone marrow transplant. Craving the unique experience of a foreign land far away (and wanting to live out a childhood dream of going to Ferrari World), she wished to go to Dubai.

Ufuoma and her family had a jam-packed itinerary on their trip; they went jet-skiing and dune bashing, and on a desert safari. They shopped at local markets and malls, swam at a waterpark and visited a mosque. Of all the trip highlights—the mesmerizing blue of the ocean, recognizing famous landmarks—Ufumoa noted the fact that they could even take the trip at all was most important. Previously Ufuoma needed medication and an oxygen tank for any trip over 4 hours. “The trip meant freedom and normalcy,” said Ufuoma. “It was the first time I felt like a normal person in a long time.” To Ufuoma’s mom, being able to fly that far without pain or crisis meant to her that her daughter was fully healed.

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