Tyler's Wish

Tyler, 9, is talkative and outdoorsy; he loves camping and ice-fishing and enjoys playing hockey and baseball. He is also living with a brain tumour.

Tyler’s treatment takes a lot out of him, sapping him of energy and strength. When asked about his wish, Tyler said he wanted to go to Hawaii so he could spend time someplace warm and on a beach. He really wanted to go to a luau and see a pig roast, and thought visiting a volcano would be cool.

Tyler’s wish was granted when he and his family departed for Honolulu. They received leis when they arrived at the airport, marking the beginning of a Hawaiian adventure that included a submarine ride and a luau where Tyler was called up on stage. Tyler swam and played in the sand, and experienced the pig roast he was so looking forward to. His favourite part of the trip was the tour of Pearl Harbour but for Tyler and his family, the trip to Oahu was so much more than just a warm vacation. It was a relaxing, well-planned and much-needed getaway.

“Thank you again for making his wish come true! It was such a wonderful time not worrying about Tyler having to go to the hospital. Not having any worries while we were there was such a blessing! We were all able to enjoy ourselves and be a family again.”

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