Taylor's wish helps her make new memories

When Taylor was a teenager, immersed in school and hanging out with her friends, she was diagnosed with cancer. Finding herself suddenly thrust into the world of doctor appointments and medical treatments, Taylor looked to her favourite things to pull her through: her best friend, car racing and Harry Potter.

“I heard about Make-A-Wish through the child-life ladies while I was undergoing cancer treatment,” Taylor says. When her treatment was complete, Taylor and her family embarked on her wish trip: a visit to Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. “I chose my wish because I was a HUGE Harry Potter fan.”

The experience was thrilling. “My wish gave me and my family amazing memories that we all cherish dearly. My wish trip came at the end of my treatment so it was like a reward for enduring all the cancer stuff. It made good memories that outshined the bad.”

Now a young adult of 22, Taylor is cancer-free and has set her sights on helping others. “I just finished my Emergency Medical Responder program and I am hoping to start my Primary Care Paramedic program this spring,” Taylor reports. And she hasn’t lost her love of car racing either. “In the summer a lot of my life is dedicated to Drag Racing. My drag racing career started while doing my cancer treatments. I have moved up classes and now drive a blown alcohol dragster.”

“Looking back on my wish experience always brings a smile to my face. It gave my whole family something else to focus on. It was a time of happiness, when we could all be together with no stress, no money worries and no cancer. It gave us a time to enjoy life and have fun.”

Photo by NAIT Photographic Technology

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