Shelby's Wish

Shelby is 17 and lives with thyroid cancer. For her one true wish, she wished to visit Australia. 

Shelby and her family landed in Cairns, Queensland, where they spent the first five days of their trip. Everyone was so friendly and laid back. The scenery was unbelievable too! Shelby got to go horseback riding along the ocean which was a wish come true for her. She visited the Cairns Zoo where she played with kangaroos, held a koala bear and a baby crocodile!

A highlight of Shelby's trip was snorkeling! She told us, “I got to see little Nemos and the ocean was one of the most gorgeous colors of blue I have ever seen in my life!” After a busy few days traveling around Cairns, the family headed back to Sydney for two days of big city shopping!

Shelby's wish was a chance to forget about her cancer and experience life how she wished to experience it. Thank you for everyone who made Shelby's wish possible!

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