Shaun's Wish

Shaun, 17, diagnosed with a neurological condition, is a huge music buff with perfect pitch. Shaun couldn’t think of a better wish than to be in the Disney Marching Band! The magic of Shaun’s wish started a journey for not only Shaun but also for  the whole family! His song of choice for the big day was The Little Mermaid’s ‘Under The Sea’.

Shaun has been delighted to be part of many other bands – school and marching bands, but he was very honoured to play with The Disney World Band. His family was very excited to watch as he marched down The Magical Kingdom’s Main Street with the band – accompanied by none other than the epitome of Disney – Mickey Mouse!   However, that was only the beginning of an enchanting day – Shaun's family said it felt like they were on a continuous wild and fun filled roller coaster ride as they journeyed through Disney World with their VIP Tour Guide.   

His mom tells us that he’s the only kid that can play the flute and smile at the same time! His magical day of playing with The Disney World Band has inspired him to continue his adventures in music so that his childhood dream of becoming a musician comes true!   

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