Shane's wish is a dream come true

Laid back and mature, Shane is easy to talk to, joking often. He loves sports and plays lacrosse with a passion, always wearing number 18 on his back. Shane is also living with cancer. Diagnosed in January 2016, his cancer impacted his hip and pelvis, later spreading to his femur, spine, lungs and chest. Shane has fought through 55 rounds of chemo, 33 rounds of radiation, 10 surgeries and a stem cell transplant, and was temporarily sidelined from the sport he loves so much. When given the opportunity for a wish, Shane didn’t hesitate: he wanted to watch a big, high-quality sporting event and celebrate with all the other fans. He wished to go to the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championships.

In May, Shane and his parents travelled to Boston. While they were ready to enjoy a weekend of world-class lacrosse, the family says they were completely overwhelmed by the wish experience. They met with an NCAA director who invited them to spend the weekend in his box suite, and got a private tour of the ESPN van. Shane watched one of his favourite teams (Yale) play from the field and chatted with many of the coaches and players. He even made it up on the score board screen! Shane’s mom said she’d never see her son smile as big and as much as he did this week. “Every year my friends and I follow it at school. It was incredible to see in person. My family and I were treated so well.”

Shane’s wish trip meant the world to him and to his family. The experienced “surpassed all our expectations. We never thought we would be this taken care of. It was wonderful.”

Shane says, “The whole trip was just amazing. It was a dream come true.”

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