Rhys' Wish

Sweet and outgoing, Rhys loves to play hockey and basketball and explore the outdoors. He’s also living with an autoimmune disorder that has required neurosurgery. Accomplished musically, Rhys plays the piano and the guitar, and is waiting for clearance from his doctor before rejoining his basketball team. He loves spending time at the lake, swimming and paddle-boating with his siblings, and would love to learn how to surf.

Above all, Rhys enjoys spending time with his family and it was important to him that his wish include his siblings. “Because of our allergies we don’t get to go on trips much,” Rhys says. He wanted to go somewhere they could all experience both a beach and a rainforest, and see different kinds of fish while snorkeling. He wished to go to Costa Rica.

“The trip was active and adventurous, and also times when it was very relaxing,” said Rhys’ family.

“My favorite part of the trip to Costa Rica was seeing so many new animals, especially iguanas and monkeys and going ziplining!” says Rhys. “It was awesome. We all had such a great time.”

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