Noel's Wish

Noel is a laid back 18-year-old who enjoys rock climbing, reading and watching documentaries. He is also living with a blood disorder that also affects his two brothers. Noel loves adventure photography, has a deep admiration for rock and solo climbers, and dreams of becoming a world class mountaineer and photo journalist. He wished to meet Jimmy Chin, his favourite National Geographic photographer (and the BAFTA and Academy Award® Winning filmmaker of the climbing documentary Free Solo).

After being surprised at the airport with the news that his wish was being granted, Noel and his mom flew to Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park where Noel and Jimmy would talk cameras and shoot photos of their incredible surroundings. With years of high-risk expeditions and extraordinary photography to his credit, Jimmy had much to share with Noel. The two even had the opportunity to climb together.

“The best part was seeing the sun rise on the Teton Mountains and taking pictures with Jimmy,” says Noel. “Learning from him and spending time getting to know him was amazing!”

The exhilarating experience also left Noel with a new outlook on his future, noting his wish “gave me more perspective on my life and where my goals lie.”

“There is nothing that will stop him from achieving his dream,” says Noel’s mom, Tara.

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