Michael's wish

In 2001, Michael’s parents brought him home from the hospital in a 1998 Jeep Wrangler, a vehicle later given to him by his father. He grew into a self-professed autophile—Michael knows cars inside and out; he loves to drive them, to fix them, to take them off-roading. He'd love to be a mechanic or a race car driver when he grows up. Michael vowed to refurbish the Jeep his father had given him and drive it to California. Then cancer got in his way. Multiple treatments and trips to the hospital meant the time and resources necessary to fix the Jeep simply weren’t there. The Jeep sat parked.

Things changed as Michael reached a successful end to his battle with lymphoma. Make-A-Wish was waiting and Michael followed some important advice: “My mom always taught me to dream big!” He wished to have his Jeep refurbished, and his laundry list of improvements was met with enthusiasm from Todd at Trail Tire West and his amazing partners. They agreed to take on Michael’s wish, completing everything from rims, tires, lift, light bars, wrap and much more. Michael’s Jeep has been given a complete makeover.

“I feel honoured to be asked to grant Michael his wish,” says Vincent. “It’s been a lot of fun to get the chance to make a difference in Michael’s life, and if not for all the connections I have working for Trail Tire West we could never have made this happen.”

Micheal was thrilled when his Jeep was revealed to him at Trail Tire, and poured over every detail with the professionals that made it happen. “It's the first car I ever got to learn to drive. I love cars and I love four-by-fouring. It’s nice and low and you can go anywhere,” said Michael, who was anxious to get out and put some dirt on his new, clean Jeep. “Maybe next weekend get out into the bush and have some fun. It’s too clean!” And with that, Michael gratefully put cancer in the rearview mirror and drove away.

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