Marley's wish brought happiness back into her life

When she and her family left on their wish trip in 2012, Marley was 4-years-old and had never been on a plane before. “It was the first big trip we ever went on with Marley,” says her mom, Elise.

Living with a neurological disorder, Marley loved princesses, books, and school. Given Marley’s medical condition her family hadn’t the time or the ability to travel. They heard about Make-A-Wish from a close friend whose son had a wish granted, and referred Marley; to fulfill her dream of meeting Tinker Bell, Marley wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort.

“It was the most amazing gift ever given to us! After a couple years of so much stress it was so amazing to go away for the first time as a family and feel so much joy and love!” says Elise. “There were so many amazing moments but when Marley met Tinker Bell, they made it so special for her! It was a moment in her life that none of us will even forget.”

Now in grade 4, 10-year-old Marley works hard in school every day, and finally learned to swim this past year. “It was such a big accomplishment!” Marley still looks back on her wish fondly. “It still brings so much joy when she talks about it, all these years later.” 

“When we look back on the trip as a family we have so many amazing memories! We feel so lucky that our family had that opportunity, we are forever grateful. It showed that we can take her to do anything and she will be able to enjoy herself and have fun. Make-A-Wish brought so much happiness into our lives when it was being bombarded by so much stress. It gave us something to look forward to and mostly memories that we will hold dear in our hearts forever.”

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