Liam's wish inspires his future

At 15-years-old, Liam has always wanted to be a K9 police officer. Due to his medical condition and the nature of law enforcement, though, he knew this would never be a viable option. Never one to be discouraged, Liam shifted his sights to working behind the scenes. With a desire to learn more about forensic science and crime labs, Liam’s wish took him to Virginia and the FBI.

Liam was able to spend three incredible days at different FBI locations in Fredericksburg and Quantico. The entire experience was beyond what he could have ever imagined. After receiving an official uniform and his FBI credentials, Liam learned to process a crime scene and met blood hounds from different police K9 units. He guided an emergency response robot through an underground tunnel maze with ease, developed fingerprints and uncovered trace evidence, putting all his new skills to use investigating a true-to-life crime scene.

Liam’s next two days were spent at Quantico, analyzing the evidence he’d collected. He learned about matching fingerprints and DNA samples to identify subjects in a database—Liam has a passion for laboratory sciences and mentioned several times how he’d love to work in the FBI Laboratory one day. He visited the FBI Academy as well, and was able to watch a training scenario unfold on the Quantico campus, and helped by using a battering ram to break down a door.

"This wish was life-changing!” says Liam’s mom. “We met people and did things that are once-in-a-lifetime experiences.”  

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