Kira's wish is a chance to be a normal family

In 2013, Kira was an independent, enthusiastic 3-year-old who loved using her imagination. She was also living with a brain tumour. A popular topic in her household at the time was Disney’s Toy Story, especially Buzz and Woody. She absolutely loved the movie, played with any toy or game with a Toy Story theme, and dressed up in a Buzz Lightyear costume. Her wish–no surprise—was to meet Woody and Buzz.

Kira and her family heard about Make-A-Wish while Kira was being treated in the hospital. They headed on her wish trip to Walt Disney World® Resort in January, 2013, where Kira did, of course, meet Buzz and Woody along with a few other Disney favourites. She also got a makeover, rode the carousel many, many times, and ate a lot of ice cream.

And while Kira fulfilled her dream of meeting her Toy Story heroes, her family created some long-lasting memories. “It gave us a chance to just be a normal family,” says Kira’s mom. “To just have fun and relax.” After they returned home, the effect of Kira’s wish continued. “She seemed to shine more. She was so excited and happy.”

Now 8-years-old, Kira is in grade 3. She remembers her wish and still looks back on it fondly. “It makes me feel good and happy,” she says when asked about her wish. “Before my wish I was scared.”  She still loves taking holidays with her family, and is quick to report she is the proud owner of 2 cats and a dog.  And though her interests have changed a little, Kira is still the spunky, enthusiastic and imaginative kid she was at 3. Just a little taller.

Photo by NAIT Photographic Technology

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