Justice's Wish

Justice is nine years old and lives with a non germinoma germ cell tumour. When approached by Make-A-Wish Justice decided she would wish to have a playhouse. 

"It started out on a beautiful Saturday. We were having an afternoon birthday party for Justice's younger brother, Jake when there was a knock at the door.

There stood Natasha and Steph, Justice's wish-granting team! They were carrying two huge bright green lounge chairs and a lot of stickers for Justice to decorate the chairs with. We brought the chairs into the backyard where the birthday party was!

Natasha, Justice and Steph decorated the lounge chairs together. All of a sudden, a huge tractor came driving down our alley. I turned to Justice and said, "When have we ever had a tractor come down the alley before?! That's when the surprise was unveiled!

The next thing we knew, there was a huge playhouse coming over our neighbour's garage! It was an amazing feeling to see the look on Justice's face - pure excitement. She was sort of in shock for a moment. It was as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Then she began to giggle and started jumping up and down. It was an amazing feeling for all of us. The joy you brought to my little hero is priceless. Thank you so much." - Justice's Mother

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