John's wish changes his outlook on life

When John was 12 years old, he heard about Make-A-Wish from a nurse after one of his treatments for cancer. “I was into martial arts and I was actually taking taekwondo lessons before I got diagnosed. I chose to meet Jackie Chan because I was a big fan of his. When I was a little kid I would watch his movies and repeat them over and over again. And to me he was the funniest martial arts actor there was.” Together with his parents and his little brother, John flew to Hong Kong for a week they would never forget.

John met his idol during a charity event. Jackie asked John to come on stage with him, and was greeted with a big hug and gifts for him and his whole family. John spent time chatting with the superstar and even got to spar with him on stage. “I was able to play sparr with Jackie Chan on stage. I was so surprised when he raised his hands up, all of a sudden I threw two of my strongest punches on him. And finally I got to hug him.”

Now 18 and graduated from high school, John is looking forward to pursuing his post-secondary studies. He looks back on his trip to Hong Kong fondly. “The trip and the whole experience made my family closer. We realized that together we could beat any struggle that would come our way.”

Meeting Jackie Chan “gave me a lot of hope and a positive outlook on life, because there is more to life than just feeling down about being sick. And most of all I realized that there are generous people who would find their way to help sick kids like me to make their wishes come true. I feel very lucky and strong.”

Photo by NAIT Photographic Technology

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