Jessie's Wish

Jessie is five years old and lives with a cardiac condition. Her one true wish was to go to Walt Disney World® Resort! After several surgeries and many doctor visits, Jessie and her family were ready. She was so excited to meet her favourite characters and swim in the ocean. When a limo came to pick Jessie and her family up, her eyes lit up with excitement. 

Belle was by far Jessie's favourite princess. Jessie was thrilled that Belle's Village looked just like her favourite movie. Jessie was especially excited to go to Belle's Enchanted Tales Show! 

The highlight of the trip was when Jessie sang with Rose Petal at the Disney Princess Tea Party. Jessie chose a song from the movie Frozen. Her parents watched her with tears in their eyes, beaming with pride. Many onlookers came over after the performance to praise Jessie's singing voice. Jessie and her family had a wonderful adventure in Walt Disney World Resort.

Jessie's dad said, "Jessie's feet never touched the ground - she skipped the whole time!"

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