Jackie's wish gives her family a welcome break

Jackie, a fun-loving and energetic young lady who also has a passion for photography, celebrated her 18th birthday on her wish trip. “I wanted to go to a location that none of my friends or family had been to before,” she recalls. “I had heard good things about Aruba so that’s where I picked to go.

Diagnosed with a neurological disorder, Jackie first heard about Make-A-Wish when one of her childhood friends had a wish granted. “When I got sick and diagnosed, my nurse practitioner referred me.”

At the time of her wish Jackie was scheduled for another surgery, one she and her family hoped would improve her quality of life. “That one-week break—a dream—was so appreciated,” said Jackie’s mom.

Jackie agrees. “For me it gave me something to look forward to, to keep pushing on towards a little pick-me-up milestone in my life of never ending illness and pain. I think my family just enjoyed seeing me happy for a while and enjoyed the time in the sun.”

Jackie just finished her second (and final) year in the NAIT Photographic Technology program. “The plan is to work as a professional photographer,” Jackie says. Looking back on her wish “makes me feel all warm inside,” she notes. “It always gives me happy memories to look back, and it reminds me that there are people who care and want a child to forget about their problems for a while. I wish I could go back to that time and relive it and all the joy I experienced.”

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