Isabella's Wish

Isabella, 10, diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, wished to volunteer at an orphanage. In her words, "I want to hold babies and make them feel loved".

Everything came together seamlessly for Isabella’s wish from finding an orphanage to receiving support from the entire city of Edmonton in her quest to clothe the children at the orphanage.

At the orphanage in Mexico, Isabella and her family played with the children and helped with care-giving. A lot of Isabella’s time was spent in the nursery holding babies as she had wanted.

One unnamed orphan simply called “Little Man” stole Isabella’s heart; she would have taken him home if she could! 

The staff at the orphanage organized a special princess party for Isabella and her sister. They wore beautifully sewn dresses, drank tea and ate at an elaborately decorated outdoor venue. 

The family is planning their return to the orphanage already, proof that this wish will leave its imprint on the family for many years to come!

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