Hiro's Wish Story

Hiro, a shy but determined 5-year-old, is battling cancer. He doesn’t spend much time outside but loves watching basketball with his grandpa and playing games on his iPad. “He has had quite a journey and has faced so many adversities and hardships, more than anyone his age should know,” says Hiro’s mom, Aimee. “He has made it through with so much bravery and determination.”

Hiro’s wish to go to Legoland and Walt Disney World® Resort was just what he and his family needed—a much needed break from doctor’s appointments and from thinking about Hiro’s condition. Hiro and his brother loved meeting Mickey Mouse and seeing the Disney Castle. After being isolated for almost a year due to his treatments, the trip was a chance for Hiro and his family to unwind.

“For once we got to leave behind the life we've been living for over a year and for once he got to be a kid again,” says Aimee. “The wish trip was such an amazing thing for our kids to go through, because as much as this was Hiro's journey, our other son also walked the road with him. And they got to have something that was just for them. We don't have the luxury of taking time for granted, and this trip just added to the moments we will remember always.”

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