Heath's Wish

Quiet and thoughtful, Heath, 11, loves using his imagination and playing make believe with his sister. Health likes cars, playing at the park, basketball, and hide-and-seek. If he could have a super power he would choose telekinesis. He wishes he could learn to drive and when he grows up he wants to be either a mechanic or an astronaut. He’s also living with congenital heart disease. “Heath had been feeling overwhelmed, scared and sad the last few months, “says Heath’s mom LeighAnn. “He has managed to live a normal childhood despite his many heart defects. When his heart started getting worse he started becoming aware of his condition. As well as beginning to have physical limitations, Heath was quite scared, angry and felt isolated. As a family it was hard for us to see Heath like that and not being able to help.”

Heath’s favourite thing to do on vacation is "not think about school and swim". With an interest in both Star Wars and rides, Heath wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort.

The wish experience had a life-changing effect on both Heath and his family. “When we were on our trip we felt so much love and so special... seeing Heath so excited and happy. He smiled the whole time!  It was a chance for us to bond as a family and not worry. It was exactly what we needed.”

“We feel refreshed and ready to face whatever comes our way.”

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