Giselle's Wish

Giselle, 7, is sweet, energetic and happy despite living with a brain tumour; she loves dancing and LOVES Katy Perry. She was thrilled when her wish to meet the star came true.

On a February day, just months after her surgery, Giselle travelled to Vancouver with her parents and sisters. Everyone’s favorite part of the trip was meeting Katy Perry in person at her concert before the show. Giselle's mom said that her favourite part was seeing her daughter’s courage as Giselle performed a solo choreographed dance for Katy’s dancers and again later for Katy herself. If she was able to do that, she said, we know that Giselle will be able to do anything she sets her mind to! The family’s hope is that this experience was mutually inspiring; they were truly inspired and they hope that the people that they met were inspired by Giselle’s story of overcoming as well. Giselle's favourite part of her wish was chatting with the singer before she took the stage for her concert. 

“The kindness of Katy Perry and her dancers to encourage Giselle to express herself was life-changing for all of us,” said Giselle’s mom.

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