Ethan's Wish

Ethan, 12, diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, wished to meet the astronaut and moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin. 

Ethan and his family traveled to Florida to visit the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex where Ethan met the famous astronaut.

The tour beforehand, in addition to being really fun and eye-opening, helped put the complexities of space travel into perspective. It made everyone even more impressed by what Buzz and his crew were able to accomplish.

From the time Ethan met Buzz until they left the complex, Ethan was right by Buzz's side. They met by the actual bridge that Buzz walked down to get into the Apollo 11 shuttle and walked down the bridge together; it was a powerful moment!

Then, they had lunch and Buzz was willing to answer all of Ethan's questions. Finally, Ethan and Aldrin watched the pre-screening of the Martian together.

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