Ethan's Wish

Ethan is 13 years old and loves golf. When he found out that his brain tumour would allow him to have one true wish granted, he knew it would be to attend the Masters.

Ethan and his family flew to Augusta, Georgia to witness the prestigious golf tournament. Ethan met many golf pros and got their autographs and pictures. Not only did his wish come true, he was also invited to be the caddie for Kevin Streelman during the Par-3 contest. He walked on the green with Kevin, helped with the clubs, looked for the right angle for each swing and even teed off one hole for Kevin. Before the game even started, Kevin told Ethan that he would win this Par 3 contest for him; despite superstitions that winning the Par 3 contest would result in a defeat at the Masters. Ethan’s knowledge of the game came into practice and he looked like a professional on that green! 

In the end, Kevin held true to his word and won the Par 3 contest. It was such an unbelievable moment when Ethan and Kevin held the cup together and celebrated the win.

ESPN caught the win on tape, heard about this amazing story and ended up interviewing Ethan.  
Read their story here.

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