Emma's playhouse wish

Emma is a shy, sweet 9-year-old who loves playing with her siblings. She has an incredible imagination and enjoys building houses with Lego. Emma is also living with a genetic disorder that compromises her heart, airway, esophagus and limbs. She gets tired and sore from walking too much. But this doesn’t stop her from singing and dancing or playing basketball when the mood hits.

One day Emma’s sister Avery came home from school and told her mom about a boy in her class who’d received a wish. She hoped her sister could get one too—and she was right. And once Emma had the opportunity to start wishing, she didn’t hold back. She wanted a playhouse where she could host sleepovers with her cousin and her siblings; it needed to have two storeys, distinct areas for sleeping and playing, and a zipline and spiral slide. Emma wished big. She even drew up a detailed floor plan.

Luckily, BILT answered the call. Together with their partners, they started construction at dawn on a brisk November day, completing the base, framing, and siding under the backdrop of the rural countryside. Emma had a night to camp out under the stars before the team was back on site the next day to complete the roof and balcony. Emma’s anticipation as she waited for the last step of the ladder to be secured brought a smile to everyone’s face. Soon she was in the playhouse of her dreams.

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