Emily's Wish

Emily is seven years old and lives with cancer.

Emily loves pop music! Some of her favourite artists include Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. However, Justin Bieber is by far her favourite. Emily particularly loves his sense of style. When Emily found out she would be granted a wish, she knew she would wish to meet Justin Bieber. 

Emily and her family went to see Justin Bieber’s concert in Edmonton. After the concert, Emily scored a bunch of autographed memorabilia, photos and lots of hugs with the pop star. She even found out that Justin’s favourite colour is the same as hers - purple! Emily and her mom also got to spend the night at the Fantasyland Hotel.

“When Emily got her wish she was on cloud nine for a very long time, and although it was a couple months ago, she is still ecstatic about it,” said Emily’s mom.

Thank you to everyone who made Emily's wish a memorable experience. The impact of her wish will last a lifetime. 

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