Drake's Wish

Drake, 10, diagnosed with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy, always dreamed of seeing a lion in the flesh, not simply in a zoo, but in Africa where they roam the plains in search of gazelles and other prey.

Drake's wish came true when his family traveled to Africa for an African Safari.

Each day began with a game drive at 6 a.m., with another in the late afternoon (around 4 p.m.).

On game drives, Drake and his family saw many amazing animals, but did not spot a lion in the first few days. On one of these drives, they met Karabo Tumissang Mokoka, who suggested something else – a trip to Sun City.

When Drake and his family went to Sun City, they got a chance to feed some elephants, even putting their hands right inside the elephant’s mouth! Karabo arranged for Drake to see lions and also the opportunity to feed three lion cubs. The rangers who cared for the cubs also decided to name two of the cubs – one after Drake and one after his sister Dreanna.

Finally, on the last day of his trip, Drake got his wish and was able to spot a lion on a game drive. 

Thank you to everyone who made Drake's wish come true. He and his family made memories that they will share for a lifetime.

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