Daniel's Wish Story

Daniel is an outgoing and active 3-year-old who LOVES Toy Story. He’s also living with cancer. His favourite places are Costco, the park and any McDonald’s that has a play place – he loves to run around. When he is at home is likes to play Mario Kart on his Wii, watch movies and read books. He likes to ride his bike and scooter and go to dance class, and he LOVES to dress up as Buzz Lightyear and play with his train table. Daniel’s wish was to meet Woody and Buzz Lightyear—and go on all the rides at Walt Disney World.

To prepare for his wish Daniel and his family watched all the Toy Story movies. For Daniel, his favourite part of his wish was not only meeting Buzz and Woody but getting kisses from Jessie —he still talks about it! He also loved the fireworks shows in the park.  His mom and dad felt that this wish “allowed us all to be kids, be silly and laugh together... a competely stress free vacation. A truly amazing experience... every single bit of the trip was a memory we will cherish always and forever.

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