Colton's Wish

Colton, 13, spends much of his time outdoors. An avid hunter and fisherman, the teen enjoys riding his quad, playing baseball and hockey, and building machines with motors. He looks up to his grandpa, who he says taught him lots about building and who is a great role model. He’d love to be a Fish and Wildlife Officer when he grows up. He is also living with cancer. Given all his hobbies and love of mechanics, Colton’s space in the garage had quickly filled up. He wished for a workshop, a space where he could organize his tools, store his toys and still have room to work on his projects.

This summer, while Colton’s wish granters took him to Home Depot to pick out some new tools and supplies, an army of volunteers got busy back at Colton’s house. By the time he returned home, a workshop stood proudly, ready for Colton to get started.  He was so excited that he and his brother set up air mattresses so they could camp out in it.

Colton’s mom was also thrilled with her son’s experience: “Colton’s wish brought him a lot of joy. He gained a long term wish that gives him a sense of independence and responsibility. He also gained daily motivation to get back to doing the things he used to do.”

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