Clara's Wish

Sweet and fun-loving, Clara loves her big sister, princesses, fairies, and playing in the park. She’s also living with a genetic disorder that has left her profoundly deaf and sensitive to the sun. She has trouble balancing on uneven surfaces and has problems walking. Traditional playgrounds can be hard for Clara to navigate. She needed a space that was built specifically with her in mind.

When contractor Greg MacDonald heard about Clara's wish for a playhouse, he knew he had to get involved. Together with an army of volunteers, Greg drew up plans for Clara's playhouse, including a fairy game and notes about her favorite colours. While the playhouse was built in Greg's garage and transported to Clara's backyard, the rest of the play structure went up on a cool day in September.

Many hands helped with the framing and lifting, roofing and painting. "To grant a wish on this scale you need huge involvement," says Greg of all the volunteers that helped make Clara's wish a reality. Clara’s wish for a playhouse resulted in a colourful, whimsical oasis in her back yard that she and her sister can visit whenever they want. “Both girls spend all their free time outside in that playhouse and we couldn’t be more grateful,” says Clara’s mom. Best of all, “being on a play structure that she can access opened up another avenue for inclusion and for her development,” her dad notes.

“A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped make Clara’s wish possible. You’ve really brightened her world. It’s been wonderful.”

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