Brendan's Wish

Brendan, 17, lives with an uncontrolled seizure disorder. Since his diagnosis, he has to deal with seizures every day. He's unable to get a driver's license and has undergone four procedures in the past two-and-a-half years, including brain surgery last September.

Brendan has a performance background, performing in talent shows and at his school. He loves One Republic and looks up to Ryan Tedder. His wish? To sing with One Republic.

Almost a year following a surgery that left him paralyzed on one side of his body, Brendan found himself backstage at Rogers Place in Edmonton, his wish being realized. He met One Republic backstage before joining them to sing in front of thousands of fans.

"It was surreal,” noted Brendan’s father of the wish experience. “It was being treated in a way that you feel like only rock stars or the Edmonton Oilers or celebrities get treated," Jeffrey said. "We felt special."

After his performance, Brendan joined his family for the rest of the show. He was surprised when the concert ended and several familiar faces approached him for photos: players from the Edmonton Oilers. “This is going to stick with me forever,” Brendan said.

The song Brendan sang with One Republic? “I Lived”. He picked the song because it resonated with him, his experiences and his recovery. “I lived. I did it all.”

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