Blain's Wish Story

At 17-years-old, Blain loves outdoor activities like fishing and farming. He also recently beat lymphoma. He’d like to learn to play the drums, and since he already helps his dad on their farm, he plans to become a farmer when he’s older. Blain loves to go to the lake and enjoys watersports like tubing. Combined with a desire to go deep sea fishing in a tropical place, it’s no surprise Blain wished to go to Jamaica.

The family loved their trip, noting that “the resort was incredible” and that they were able to finally relax together. “I felt happy to see my child play, surf and be free of any pain or medication,” says Blain’s mom Stacy. And although all the activities were fun and the days were full, it was the opportunity to heal together that Blain’s family appreciated most.

“We all felt like we truly were celebrating Blain as he beat lymphoma,” says Blain’s mom. “It’s a terrible disease I wish no child would ever experience. He felt some true happiness, peace and relaxation after a very difficult year.”

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