Ben's Wish

Benjamin, five, diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, wished to go to the Sesame Street Resort.  “We learned so much not only about Benjamin, but about ourselves and the people we were so fortunate to meet along this journey,” Ben's Mom, Kristi, explained about the trip. 

At the Beaches Resort in Jamaica, Ben was able to interact with the Sesame Street characters all day and into the evening as they performed shows, wandered the resort and did special activities with the kids. The characters were so incredibly kind, giving Ben nonstop hugs and high-fives. 

The highlight of the wish came as a surprise to Ben’s family. “Leaving for Jamaica, we were excited that Ben would get to hang out with Elmo,” explained Kristi, “We never imagined just how he would react to the opportunity to swim!” 

Ben’s parents knew Ben loved to splash and play in the water, but each time they would take him to swim at home, whether it be at the lake or an indoor pool, he would get sick. However, with the warm Jamaican water, Ben was able to spend time in the pool each day. “The smile on his face and his laughter were unlike anything we have experienced with him before. It was far better than anything we could have wished for him. We took him on small waterslides and watched him go ballistic as we splashed down into the water,” said Kristi.

“I am not sure there are even words to describe the overwhelming love and adoration we have for everyone who made this possible. To see Ben so incredibly excited... it made everything feel more complete. It truly was his ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity and he absolutely, without a doubt, had the time of his life.”

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