Ayvlin's wish creates incredible memories

Ayvlin is 10-years-old and living with a brain tumour. Quiet and a little bit shy, she loves spending time with her family, and wanted them to join her on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy. While there Ayvlin and her family toured Rome, Venice and Florence, took a pizza-making class and rode in a gondola.

“Our entire family loved the pizza and gelato making class,” says Ayvlin’s mom. “The chef was amazing at explaining everything and helping us all step-by-step.  Then we had a fabulous time sitting around the table, enjoying our delicious pizzas and gelato. What a great evening!”

 Ayvlin fell in love with the birds in Italy.  “On one of our free days, we spent hours in St. Mark’s Square enjoying the live music, the beautiful scenery, and the birds that would perch themselves on our bodies.  The kids were ecstatic when they had five birds on them at one time!”

The family’s gondola ride was a unique experience too: “Our kids called it a once in a lifetime opportunity,” notes Ayvlin’s mom. “We were able to relax our feet a little and enjoy a wonderfully peaceful gondola ride after a day of walking.  We learned some Venice history, took in the sights from a different perspective, and just enjoyed the beauty of Italy.”

It was a wonderful trip that helped create incredible memories for Ayvlin and her family. “ I can't express how grateful we all are for everything!  Thank you!”

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