Ava's Wish

Ava was a busy teenager, keeping herself active with dance, cheerleading and running club. Her mom wasn’t surprised when she started complaining about pain in her right leg. They went to the doctor expecting a prescription for physiotherapy, but were sent for an X-ray instead. Next came an MRI, and finally, after two biopsies, doctors confirmed Ava had cancer in her right leg and lungs.

Optimistic and inspiring, Ava did not let her diagnosis define her, and hasn’t let knee surgery get her down. She has organized school and community fundraisers and is an outspoken advocate for kids living with cancer. While having to take a break from dance and cheerleading, Ava has discovered new passions in baking, singing and playing the ukulele.

When she learned she qualified for a wish, sweet and chatty Ava knew exactly what she wanted: to spend time with her family on trip they could all enjoy. She wished to visit the theme parks in Orlando.

“When you are in treatment for bone cancer you are in the hospital a lot apart from one of your parents and your brother and sisters,” says Ava’s mom, Melissa. “This wish trip helped the family bond together and make unforgettable memories.” And Ava’s intention to have fun with her brothers and sisters was achieved: “The way we were treated was amazing and made the experience even more special.”

Looking forward, Ava’s mom notes that her daughter’s wish helped impart a light at the end of the tunnel. “It is wonderful that a child that goes through many surgeries and chemo for a long period of time has a silver lining, so to speak.Something to look forward to and something they can scratch off their bucket list.”

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