Ashlee's wish helps her family reconnect

When 5-year old Ashlee travelled to Walt Disney World® Resort in 2014 her leukemia was in remission. Six years (and 7.5 months) later, it still is. Told about Make-A-Wish by a social worker, Ashlee wanted to go on rides and see Ariel in real life; her trip “offered us the opportunity to escape from my cancer and reconnect with my family,” she says.

Spirited and lively, Ashlee made the most of her time at Disney World. She underwent a pirate transformation and met princesses, but “the most memorable part of my wish was waking up each morning and having ice cream for breakfast!”

Now in grade three, Ashlee loves swimming and drawing. She can jump into the deep end of the pool without a life jacket, and is in her third season of gymnastics. There’s no stopping her! “Because I was so young when I had cancer, I get excited about the littlest things in my life, especially pajama days!”

Looking back, Ashlee says her wish reminded her that there was more to life than being sick. “My wish showed me that life isn’t just about hospitals or ‘pokes’, and that I could do fun kid things! I feel so blessed to have been able to go on a once in a lifetime experience.”

Photo by NAIT Photographic Technology

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