Annica's Wish

Annica is a quiet, thoughtful and creative teenager who loves to learn new things. She enjoys playing music—she plays the flute, piano, ukulele, and hopes to teach herself the guitar soon. She likes to dabble in photography, but sees herself pursuing a career in the medical field. She loves to be active while on vacation, and has a desire to see the world. And while she’s enjoyed trips to Mexico and the Philippines, Annica wished to go on a Caribbean cruise so she could soak up the sun, run on a beach and enjoy swimming with her family.

While on her wish trip Annica enjoyed trying many things—some she didn’t even know she could do! The most memorable part for her was surfing: “I didn’t think I would be able to, considering my treatments and rehabilitation.”

For Annica’s parents, the highlight of their trip was setting their worries aside. “It let us just go with the flow and not stress about anything,” they said. “O It let us all relax and just enjoy having no worries after a year of stress.”

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