Anna's wish teaches her she is not alone

“My wish was to go to Disney World in Orlando because I loved anything and everything Disney, and wanted to be a Disney actress one day,” Anna relates. “To this day I still do!”

Although Anna’s wish trip happened over seven years ago, she remembers many of the details. “I still have all the memories and they will always be with me and my family. Some of the best parts of my trip were when I got to meet my favourite Disney princess, Rapunzel, and when I got to ride back to my Give Kids the World house from the water park in a golf cart!”

Her surgeries behind her, Anna says she is just like any other normal kid. “I go to school, I started singing, playing guitar and ukulele and also picked up acting in hopes of getting a job on tv someday! My biggest achievement since my heart surgery was when I won the second runner up award for female child singer of the year at a talent competition in Los Angeles!”

At 13, Anna is now wise beyond her years, maybe because of what she’s had to endure in her young life. “I can honestly say as a child with health issues, it’s hard knowing that you’re not the same as everyone else, especially at such a young age. But Make-A-Wish helped me figure out that I am not alone and that there are more kids with conditions like me and some have it worse. To every other kid with health issues, I’d say you are NOT alone and it DOES get better!”

She’s mastered the ukulele and moved on with her young life, but Anna will never forget her wish trip. “When I look back on my wish I think of how grateful I am for everyone at Make-A-Wish and also how much pain it made me forget about! A heart surgery was a pretty unforgettable thing to little five-year-old me but somehow, they did it! Make-A-Wish helped me forget all about it!”

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