Alexis' Wish

Like many teens, Alexis enjoys watching Netflix, listening to music and reading. She is also living with a heart condition. An allergy to the sun means Alexis can’t spend much time outside during the day, so this creative Girl Guide leader spends her time writing (and publishing!) poetry and short stories, knitting and crafting, and watching curling. With a desire to travel combined with her love of legal studies, forensics and biology, Alexis wished to meet the cast of Law & Order, SVU.

This fall, Alexis and her mother travelled to New York City and the set of Alexis’s favourite show. They met the cast, watched rehearsal and line reads by the actors, and were on the set during filming. “We were standing right behind Stone and Olivia as they rehearsed for the scene in the trailer,” says Alexis’s mom, Sherri Lynne. “We saw lots more too. It was an amazing wish.” 

Alexis was looking forward to meeting Mariska Hargitay, one of her favourite actresses, and she was not disappointed. “The show, the cast, the Wish Volunteer, and Mariska in particular were so heartfelt, so fantastic. Alexis truly felt valued, heard and loved the experience.”

While in New York Alexis also toured some of the sights (including the Girl Scout Store), rode the Staten Island Ferry, visited the courthouse where they film the SVU steps, and took in a Broadway show.

“I had an absolutely fantastic time,” says Alexis. “Thank you so much for everything. My wish was everything I could have ever wanted and more.”

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