Aiva's Wish

Aiva is three years old and lives with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. More than anything, she loves camping with her family. That's why when Aiva wished to have a tent trailer, no one was surprised. 

Aiva loves to camp at the lake where she can play with her family and friends. Aiva told us that if she could, she would go camping every single day. She loves to be, "free in the great outdoors!"

Aiva's wish granters planned a scavenger hunt at a local campground to lead her to her new trailer. When she saw it, Aiva was thrilled! "This is for me?" she asked as she climbed the stairs of her brand new trailer. Surrounded by family and friends, Aiva explored every nook and cranny of her new trailer. She could hardly believe her eyes! 

Aiva's parents told us just how incredible it was to see her so excited. "What you do for kids and in their families during such a difficult time is beautiful. My heart is filled with gratitude. This gift will continue giving to Aiva for many years and will allow her to enjoy a closeness with her siblings which was a rare thing last summer. What an amazing gift," Aiva's mom said. 

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