Ainsley's wish brings her family together

When Ainsley was just 6, she listed horseback riding as one of the sports that she loved most. She was living with cancer in 2010 when she was granted her wish to go to Hawaii, and she says that horses played a big role in choosing her wish. “I love horses, and past wishes of kids swimming with dolphins looked fun.” Ainsley says the most memorable part of her wish experience was riding a horse on the North Shore, but her mom has a slightly different perspective. “It was the first time we as a family were able to get away for a vacation and just go and enjoy ourselves.  As a mom it was great for me to spend time with my other child who I did not get to see as much, being at the hospital. We were really able to spend time together and make some life long memories.”

Today, Ainsley is 14 and a student in grade nine. She is now cancer free, and continues to ride horses: “She still loves her horses!” says Ainsley’s mom. “It was the perfect wish for her.” She still brings the tiger she picked out for herself at the Honolulu Zoo to every major procedure she has at the hospital.

“Ainsley will always remember this trip. She could not wait to land to go ride a horse!  She still talks about the trip and the fun she had each day she was in Hawaii.  The family had a great time just being together as this was a rare occurrence when Ainsley was ill. Just to go swim in the pool or walk along the beach together was enough to forget the hospital rooms and isolation, which kept us separated for weeks on end. It was a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.” 

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