Ainsley's Wish

Ainsley is five years old and lives with cancer. Her favourite Princess in the entire world is Rapunzel, so she decided her wish would be to meet Rapunzel at Walt Disney World Resort.

Ainsley's Mom describes the impact of her wish:

“Ainsley’s wish impacted us in so many ways! Ainsley has been off of treatment for four and a half years, so although we aren't immersed daily in the steps of treatment or worry – it’s still in the back of our minds. 

Experiencing this wish has helped us talk about Ainsley's cancer with her. She was diagnosed and treated since birth so she did not have the capacity to understand her condition. It also has helped release some emotions for us. The magical world of Disney, especially meeting the princesses allowed us to watch the joy in both of our children and bond as a family.

She chose a special Rapunzel doll while at Disney to bring with her when she was afraid of a test or needle poke to help her think happy thoughts. I think part of what Ainsley (and all of us) enjoyed the most was having seven solid days of uninterrupted family time. We feel so incredibly blessed to have shared this experience with Ainsley – it has brought so much validation and healing.” 

Thank you to everyone who helped make Ainsley's wish an unforgettable experience full of lasting memories.

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