Abby's Wish

Abby is an 11-year-old living with a brain tumour. She likes to go for walks, jump on the trampoline and play music, but her real love is superheroes. She wanted to go to the one place she could see all her favourites at one time: she wished to go San Diego and Comic Con.

Abby and her family spent days at the great pop culture convention in the Exhibit Hall where she loved seeing all the costumes that swirled around her. She and her dad attended some discussion panels and Abby, a budding writer herself, loved the panel on how to write comics.

While in San Diego, Abby and her family took the opportunity to see the sights. They visited the San Diego Zoo and the Automotive Museum—among her list of eclectic interests, Abby also has a passion for vintage cars—and other historic sites. Abby and her family said this was a trip full of once-in-a-lifetime memories and many happy moments, and was a great opportunity to get away and experience something together. “It exceeded all our expectations.”

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