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Kai's NY Yankee Wish

A 17-year-old living with a brain tumour, Kai is truly a renaissance man. His favourite places include anywhere there are sporting events or famous artwork, and his love for hockey and baseball is matched equally by his interest in history and travel. When given the opportunity for a wish, Kai...

Josie's wish celebrates the end of a jouney

Wish kid Josie,7, is a happy, affectionate and energetic girl (with two very energetic brothers!). She and living with a cerebral cyst and has been through a number of brain and eye surgeries, infections and hospital stays. She was diagnosed with a cyst in her brain after falling off a tire swing...

Kira's wish is a chance to be a normal family

In 2013, Kira was an independent, enthusiastic 3-year-old who loved using her imagination. She was also living with a brain tumour. A popular topic in her household at the time was Disney’s Toy Story, especially Buzz and Woody. She absolutely loved the movie, played with any toy or game with...

Justice's Wish

Justice is nine years old and lives with a non germinoma germ cell tumour. When approached by Make-A-Wish Justice decided she would wish to have a playhouse. 

"It started out on a beautiful Saturday. We were having an afternoon birthday party for Justice's younger brother, Jake when there was a knock at the door.