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Alise's Wish

Alise is 10 years old and lives with a brain tumour. For her wish, Alise wanted to meet her culinary hero, Chef Michael Smith.

Alise and her family were whisked off to beautiful Prince Edward Island. Her family was treated to an incredible array of adventures on PEI but when it was finally...

Sebastian's Wish

Sebastian is eight years old and lives with cystic fibrosis. His one true wish was to meet his idol, Carey Price.

Sebastian and his family flew to Montreal to see the Montreal Canadiens play in their home arena. The group watched the Canadiens take on the Ottawa Senators from a generously...

Jessica's Wish

Jessica, 17, diagnosed with a seizure disorder, wished to meet Stacy London from TLC's "What Not to Wear".

She spent the day at the show's production studio in New York where she watched a taping of the show and acted as a stand-in while they were setting up lighting and shots.


Kira's Wish

Kira, three was diagnosed with medulloblastoma and wished to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story.

Toy Story is a popular topic in Kira's house with many hours spent watching the movies, playing the games and dressing up like Buzz and Woody.

When the moment finally came to meet the...

Kaz's Wish

Kaz is six years old and lives with a metabolic disorder. His one true wish was to meet Nick Jonas, and luckily for him, it came true!

Kaz could barely contain himself when explaining his heartfelt wish to meet Nick Jonas, who also suffers from diabetes. It was clear that...

Ethan's Wish

Ethan, 12, diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, wished to meet the astronaut and moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin. 

Ethan and his family traveled to Florida to visit the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex where Ethan met the famous astronaut.

The tour beforehand, in addition to being really fun and eye-opening, helped put the...

Tristan's Wish

Tristan is a ten-year-old with a love of cars. When he was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder his life changed and hospital visits became a regular occurrence. When approached by Make-A-Wish, Tristan knew right away that his wish would be to go to the Volkswagen factory.

Tristan's love of cars, especially...

Brendan's Wish

Brendan is six years old and lives with anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Brendan has always loved animals, so much so, his one true wish was to see a wild salmon run.

Brendan’s wish was as distinct and interesting as the child himself. After getting to know Brendan, the nurses at...

Avrey's Wish

Avery is 15 years old and lives with a progressive muscle disease. She has an extraordinary love for the water and sea life so when asked what her one true wish would be, Avery decided she wanted to go scuba diving. 

Avery is confined to a wheelchair but loves the water and was completing her...

Will's Wish

Will is seven years old and lives with a neurological condition. His one true wish was to visit LEGOland! 

Will and his family traveled to California for a vacation unlike any other. Will loves LEGO and spends hours building and playing with blocks, so it's no surprise the highlight of the...