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Rachelle's Wish

Rachelle is ten years old and lives with a neurological condition. For her wish, Rachelle wished to swim with sea turtles.

On her wish day, Rachelle and her family were whisked away by limo to the airport to catch their flight to Maui. They were all so excited and couldn’t wait...

AJ's Wish

AJ, 14, diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, loves football and bodybuilding! He doesn’t let his medical condition stand in his way when it comes to playing sports; he is a member of a football team and knows many football stats.

The Edmonton Eskimos invited him to be a football player for...

Nolan's Wish

Nolan, seven, scleroderma, is a shy yet resilient young Padawan who wished to become a Jedi.

Having battled his way through his diagnosis, 7-year-old Nolan took on numerous Jedi challenges that further strengthened his will to become one with the Force. 

Nolan quickly acquired the knowledge passed on to him from...

Colton's Wish

Colton, 13, diagnosed with a medulloblastoma, became interested in cooking at a young age and wished to be a chef.

Make-A-Wish brought Colton and his family to Edmonton, where they stayed (and played) at West Edmonton Mall.

For his day as a chef, Colton and his family were whisked, by limousine,...

Jaylen's Wish

Like many young boys, six-year-old Jaylen wishes for the chance to play professional football.

He dreams of lining up on the gridiron behind the quarterback, taking the hand-off and running with the ball into the end zone. But Jaylen's blood disorder means a simple hug could cause major bruising, let alone playing...

Jolene's Wish

Jolene, five, diagnosed with Wilms tumour, wished to be a princess. After six months of intense princess preparation, Jolene was crowned and whisked away to the airport to catch her flight to Walt Disney World Resort!

The family stayed at Give Kids the World Village and had so much fun celebrating many cherished holidays such as Christmas and...

Mark's Wish

Mark, 10, diagnosed with an immunodeficiency disorder, wished to be a zookeeper because he lives and breathes animals and dinosaurs. 

Mark and his family drove to the Toronto Zoo where he got to be a zookeeper for the day! He got to feed river hippos and touch them (they feel...

Shaun's Wish

Shaun, 17, diagnosed with a neurological condition, is a huge music buff with perfect pitch. Shaun couldn’t think of a better wish than to be in the Disney Marching Band! The magic of Shaun’s wish started a journey for not only Shaun but also for  the whole family! His song of...