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Maddison's Wish

Maddison, 15, who had a kidney transplant, wished to meet Miley Cyrus. 

When Maddison arrived at the hotel in Phoenix she was surprised to find a team of hair and makeup pros ready to glam her up for the evening.

When it was time for her meet and greet, Maddison got to...

Diane's Wish

Diane, 14, who had a liver transplant, wished to meet British actor and star of the Chronicles of Narnia, William Moseley. 

The morning of her wish day, Diane, her father Tri, and sister Darleen were buzzing with excitement. They talked eagerly about Diane’s crush, who they would soon meet for lunch at the...

Miranda's Wish

Miranda, 15, who had a kidney transplant, is a true cowgirl at heart; she loves horses! Miranda wished to go to the set of her favorite tv show, Heartland! 

When they arrived on set, Gordon Imlach met with the family and was very kind, knowledgeable and excited to show Miranda...