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Brendan's Wish

Brendan, 17, lives with an uncontrolled seizure disorder. Since his diagnosis, he has to deal with seizures every day. He's unable to get a driver's license and has undergone four procedures in the past two-and-a-half years, including brain surgery last September.

Brendan has a performance background, performing in talent shows...

Josh's Wish


Josh is 17 years old and lives with a congenital liver disorder. Josh loves football but, due to his liver disorder and the risk of injury, hasn't had the opportunity to play many sports. 

He grew up watching football with his dad so, when the time came for him...

Ainsley's Wish

Ainsley is five years old and lives with cancer. Her favourite Princess in the entire world is Rapunzel, so she decided her wish would be to meet Rapunzel at Walt Disney World Resort.

Ainsley's Mom describes the impact of her wish:

“Ainsley’s wish impacted us in so many ways! Ainsley has been off of...

Emily's Wish

Emily is seven years old and lives with cancer.

Emily loves pop music! Some of her favourite artists include Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. However, Justin Bieber is by far her favourite. Emily particularly loves his sense of style. When Emily found out she would be granted a wish, she knew she would wish...

Jeri-Ann’s wish takes flight

In the summer of 2016, Make-A-Wish® Northern Alberta celebrated 900 wishes coming true in the region. To mark the milestone, they granted a special wish for a young girl who wished to do something that a lot of people take for granted. Here’s her story.

Jeri-Ann is a typical 12-year-old,...

Antoine's Wish

Antoine, 12, diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, wished to meet the professional players of his all-time favourite game, League of Legends!

Make-A-Wish® Northern Alberta partnered with Riot Games, the developer, and publisher of League of Legends, in order to make Antoine’s magical wish come true.

Antoine and his family jetted off to California to...

Alena's Wish

Alena is six years old and lives with a seizure disorder. Her one true wish was to meet Katy Perry. 

On Alena’s wish day, she was treated like a star when she and her family were chauffeured to the concert venue in a limo.

Once there, Alena and her family were ushered...

Emily's Wish

Emily is 15 and lives with a brain tumour. Emily and her family have been huge hockey fans for as long as she can remember! Her favourite team is, without a doubt, is the Montreal Canadiens. Rightfully so, Emily wished to meet hockey player, P.K. Subban.

Emily and her family travelled to gorgeous Montreal to see...

Alise's Wish

Alise is 10 years old and lives with a brain tumour. For her wish, Alise wanted to meet her culinary hero, Chef Michael Smith.

Alise and her family were whisked off to beautiful Prince Edward Island. Her family was treated to an incredible array of adventures on PEI but when it was finally...

Sebastian's Wish

Sebastian is eight years old and lives with cystic fibrosis. His one true wish was to meet his idol, Carey Price.

Sebastian and his family flew to Montreal to see the Montreal Canadiens play in their home arena. The group watched the Canadiens take on the Ottawa Senators from a generously...