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Grayson's Cowboy Wish Comes True

Grayson is a sweet four-year-old who enjoys music, dancing, and any sport with a ball. Grayson was born with a rare, incurable metabolic condition leaving him with a compromised immune system and delayed development. In his young life, he’s already had to endure a bone marrow transplant, debilitating chemotherapy, long...

Heath's Wish

Quiet and thoughtful, Heath, 11, loves using his imagination and playing make believe with his sister. Health likes cars, playing at the park, basketball, and hide-and-seek. If he could have a super power he would choose telekinesis. He wishes he could learn to drive and when he grows up he...

Brandt's Wish

Brandt is a charming 8-year-old boy living with a congenital cardiac condition. He survived major heart surgery at a very early age, and though he still experiences some effects from the surgery, he doesn’t let them get in the way of living life to the fullest.

Brandt likes soccer, swimming,...

Ryder's Wish

Ryder, 5, is smart, friendly and a very big hockey fan. He loves playing hockey in his driveway and dreams of learning to play like a pro. Ryder admires many people (his parents included), but what he really wanted was to meet his hero, Connor McDavid.

On his wish day,...

Anna's wish teaches her she is not alone

“My wish was to go to Disney World in Orlando because I loved anything and everything Disney, and wanted to be a Disney actress one day,” Anna relates. “To this day I still do!”

Although Anna’s wish trip happened over seven years ago, she remembers many of the details. “I...

Ayub's Wish

Ayub is nine years old and diagnosed with a congenital condition. He told Make-A-Wish Nothern Alberta that he wished to have an Apple Store shopping spree.

He received a warm welcome from Apple staff and was a real celebrity giving high fives and exchanging handshakes as he entered the store.

Ayub was...