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Alexis' Wish

Like many teens, Alexis enjoys watching Netflix, listening to music and reading. She is also living with a heart condition. An allergy to the sun means Alexis can’t spend much time outside during the day, so this creative Girl Guide leader spends her time writing (and publishing!) poetry and short...

Anna's wish teaches her she is not alone

“My wish was to go to Disney World in Orlando because I loved anything and everything Disney, and wanted to be a Disney actress one day,” Anna relates. “To this day I still do!”

Although Anna’s wish trip happened over seven years ago, she remembers many of the details. “I...

Braeden's Wish

3-year-old Braeden, diagnosed with a cardiac condition, absolutely loves baseball and asks his parents to read him the baseball rule book all the time. He is very passionate about his favourite team­--the Toronto Blue Jays--so Braeden wished to be a Blue Jay!

Braeden’s mom says that watching the Blue Jay’s...

Kira's Wish

Kira, three was diagnosed with medulloblastoma and wished to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story.

Toy Story is a popular topic in Kira's house with many hours spent watching the movies, playing the games and dressing up like Buzz and Woody.

When the moment finally came to meet the...

Nicolas' Wish

Nicolas, 11, diagnosed with a congenital cardiac condition, wished to meet Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo.

Nicolas and his family traveled to Texas, watched the team practice and got to throw a football around with Tony Romo. On game day, Nicolas got to go right up to the field while the players warmed up!...

Jessie's Wish

Jessie is five years old and lives with a cardiac condition. Her one true wish was to go to Walt Disney World® Resort! After several surgeries and many doctor visits, Jessie and her family were ready. She was so excited to meet her favourite characters and swim in the ocean. When a limo came...

Olivia's Wish

Olivia, five, lives with a cardiac condition and told Make-A-Wish that she wished to attend a Princess tea party.  

The wish was magical for the whole family and a wonderful way to reconnect. The most memorable part was seeing all the smiles - smiles have been lost from their home for...