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Ainsley's wish brings her family together

When Ainsley was just 6, she listed horseback riding as one of the sports that she loved most. She was living with cancer in 2010 when she was granted her wish to go to Hawaii, and she says that horses played a big role in choosing her wish. “I love...

Beatrice's Wish

Beatrice is a bright and cheerful 13 year old living with cancer. Chatty and bubbly, Beatrice loves spending time with her family. Despite her condition, she is often the shining light in any room. Her wish to go to Walt Disney World ® Resort came from her desire to travel,...

Brendan's Wish

Brendan is six years old and lives with anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Brendan has always loved animals, so much so, his one true wish was to see a wild salmon run.

Brendan’s wish was as distinct and interesting as the child himself. After getting to know Brendan, the nurses at...

Sidney's Wish

Sidney, 12, diagnosed with a gastrointestinal condition, chose to pay it forward to the Edmonton Humane Society's shelter animals and wished for a shopping spree.

Sidney explained why she wished to help the EHS animals by telling us "because I like them and they should have a good place to stay...

Drake's Wish

Drake, 10, diagnosed with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy, always dreamed of seeing a lion in the flesh, not simply in a zoo, but in Africa where they roam the plains in search of gazelles and other prey.

Drake's wish came true when his family traveled to Africa for an African Safari....

Mark's Wish

Mark, 10, diagnosed with an immunodeficiency disorder, wished to be a zookeeper because he lives and breathes animals and dinosaurs. 

Mark and his family drove to the Toronto Zoo where he got to be a zookeeper for the day! He got to feed river hippos and touch them (they feel...